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I love to discover new music through what my favourite bands are listening to. This is how I came across Willie J Healey. I loved him instantly for his way of doing things a little bit differently: his music videos, the way he recorded his album Twin Heavy and his background in boxing.

Authenticity in music is hard to find these days so this week so let me tell you some stories about Willie J Healey’s Fashun.

It was tough to choose which track from Healey’s second album Twin Heavy to write about. The album was released in August…

You know when you come across a song and it feels like it was written about your life? This week, I’ll use Vienna by Billy Joel to tell a bit about my life and what my generation is going through. We’ll also find out why Vienna waits for us…

I’m gonna be honest: I don’t know a lot about Billy Joel. Before I came across this song, I was one of those people who’d mistake him for Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. But the song from 1977 has words that are so current and relatable that when I first heard it on the movie 13 going on 30 (2004), it never left my playlists.

I’m turning 30 this year and it’s not really a big deal for me. I’m living the life I want to live: I’m a nomadic full-time traveller, I work with something I love…

The story behind Royal Blood’s track Come On Over intertwines nicely with the history of the band and how their sound evolved.

Back in 2015, when I was finishing up my Public Relations degree in London, Royal Blood was the topic of my final dissertation. At the time, the band was very active on Facebook and the members — Mike Kerr on vocals, bass and Ben Thatcher on drums — would post themselves and reply to comments from fans on a daily basis. For a band that had just had a number one album in the UK, their authenticity and down-to-earth-ness impressed me and I analysed their interactions on the social platform using the concepts of dialogic communitcation.

It’s a two out of two for Royal Blood: both their albums released so far reached number one on the UK charts. Source: Official Charts

Two number one albums…

Diving into the The Avalanche’s spacey track with unlikely collaborations, nostalgia, and the most romantic story you’ll ever hear…

The Avalanches are an Australian duo formed by Robbie Charter and Tony Di Biasi in 1997. They’re classed as an electronic music group but genuinely — as someone who’s not keen on electronic music in general — I’d say they make the genre much more accessible by using samples and collaborations. That’s their trademark, but with their latest album — the brilliant We Will Always Love You released in December 2020 — they went for more mainstream guests like Karen O, Blood Orange, Jamie XX and the two collaborators for the song we’re discussing today: The Divine Chord ft. …

I travelled the world giving my time and skills to organisations for no financial return. Welcome to the world of travel exchanges!

After being made redundant from my corporate job and losing residency in the country I’d been living in for 7 years, I decided to get out there in the world and offer my time and energy to organisations in 11 countries for no monetary reward. Now I want to share what I learned after volunteering for 2 years and whether I would do it again.

Helping out at the kitchen of an eco-hostel located in a forest in Estonia.

The concept of travelling as a volunteer:

Before you start picturing me posing with little black kids in some deemed “third world” country, let me stop you right there and update you on the concept…

I decided to find out the truth behind the claim that British singers often change their accents to sell more records.

The other day on Instagram, I posted a story about the supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club’s new track “Love’s Gone Bad”:

A British friend of mine replies to my story with a DM: “Miles [Kane — the singer in said song] is sounding very American on this one” Miles Kane is a British singer from Liverpool, in case you don’t know.

As a Brazilian who is taught herself English at a very young age, accents and languages in…

Andrea Leonel

Medium was the only place where I could write about my love for music, nomadism, online entrepreneurship and English fluency. So here I am.

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